View Full Version : The smell of napalm in the morning

10-16-15, 01:32 AM
Smell is one of the strongest triggers for PTSD. It often takes a survivor completely off guard right back to the event. No danger, no explosions, only the chemical bombardment of fight or flight drugs the body supplies to protect during trouble. Understanding triggers is one of the first steps in learning how to cope with PTSD. What sets you off and how much time do you have to take action to avoid going over the edge? Punch the wife, slap the kids, kick the boss in the groin, or many other inappropriate responses that throw ones life into the ****ter. All from a moments over reaction.
I get into tunnel vision and become like the Titanic...I'm going one direction and get out of my way! Doesn't help in relationships very well. I'm in a PTSD group here in Ft Bragg and it really helps. I no longer take their drugs except sleep aid. Throwing more drugs at the brains own drug cocktail is voodoo science.

10-16-15, 09:04 AM
They drop lots of napalm in Beruit there killer?

I remeber Safwan hill on fire. The town of Safwan in ruins around me. The feel of ma deuce's spade grip under my right hand, the T&E under my left. The smell of roast pork takes me back. Likewise diesel fuel. That coppery smell/taste of blood. The way tracers looked through NVG's as we approached Basrah that first night...ah what good and terrible times.

10-16-15, 03:26 PM
Cordite, burnt flesh, Thermite, after shave of the rapist, all are strong triggers of memory. I've smelled napalm but never in a traumatic event so its just another smell to me. I'll bet if you set off a thermite grenade at 911 survivors group you would witness some serious reactions. Uncommon smells link memory to a traumatic event more than other senses, possibly because smell is tied deeply to primitive survival instincts.