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10-14-15, 08:31 AM
For all the old farts out there who got pushed aside by the paper heavy VA system following all of America's wars until now, we do have advocates. People running interference to help jump through hoop number 972/DD fill in the blanks in triplicate till the mind goes numb. After 6 years homeless exploring the underbelly of America on my adaptive wheelchair the VA got me into an apartment and has given me every test that FT Miley SF can dream up including a Navy Seal-team intrusion up my backside on a search and destroy mission (AKA) colonoscopy. Denied medical care in 1986 and again in 1994 I was forced to seek Social Security Disability and medicare for all my needs. Included diagnosis as Schizoaffective, the catch all brain disorder that looks a lot like PTSD. Because Schizoaffective is civilian diagnosis I was denied benefits again in 2004. I went to FT Miley ER in 2007 with all 3 of my DD214's and they said "of course I'm eligible" Why all those years of automatic denials? Rubber stamp because of no budget for veterans once they did their time. This is a small window in history when Vets are being treated with respect by the country they defended.
PTSD-TBI-Retnia Seperation-Compression Fracture of left tibia all during my 6+ years active duty once I dug my own medical records out of storage. Like magic the VA found those records from all my duty stations.