View Full Version : I need to apologize to everyone

09-04-02, 07:37 PM
First I need to say I'm sorry. I didn't listen to anyone that try to help me in more ways then one. I also needed to say sorry to everyone that I hurt. I didn't mean anything by it and I'm listening and getting the help that I need.

For everyone that have read my post and took offence to me when I was hating the world. And for everyone that told me to get the help and I didn't do it at the time. I'm truly sorry.

I missed talking with my friends and I'm getting the help I need for me and my children. Thanks for everyone's support. I hope and pray that people can forgive me for the wrong I have done.

Anyway, wanted to say happy b'days to all that I've missed and Congrat Cass for the marriage. I wish everyone and Happy life and that my prayers are out to all.

Semper Fi

09-05-02, 02:10 AM

No one here can expect more than you just gave. What else can anyone ask from someone who has had to fight, scratch and beg as you have. And yet has the inner strength of heart to stand where you are today and apologize to anyone she may have hurt in the process.
None of us can expect any more than you have just given.

God Bless You Marine.