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01-15-04, 01:27 AM
I was wondering if any Marines on here can help me. I graduated boot camp on Dec 19th and am getting ready to head to MCT. Upon graduating boot camp my orders said I am 0400 logistics but did not list an occupational specialty. My recruiters said that upon arrival at MCT I will have the opportunity to request a specialty in the 04 field, and I may or may not get that MOS.
My question is, has any one on here had or have the MOS 0451? This seems like just about the only MOS in that field that think I would enjoy doing since I need to be active. What are your thoughts on this MOS?
Thank you very much for your input

Pfc. Glover

01-29-08, 09:28 AM
I was an 0451. The official MOS title is Air Delivery Specialist, but everyone knows this job as Parachute Rigger.

A lot of people say that their MOS is the best job in the Corps, but this one really is.