View Full Version : Reinlistment help

09-10-15, 08:35 PM
Hey my husband is trying to get back into the corps and one thing that we are having trouble finding is a DOD facility for him to get his HIV draw. We tried the local army base and they will not help. The local VA hospital has a long wait and requires a referral? Is there any other place we aren't thinking of?

09-11-15, 12:01 AM
Well the recruiter should be taking care of scheduling anything like that with MEPs, the VA, or wherever that needs to get done at

But you could try connecting with the Corpsman/Med Chief at the local reserve unit..??...

09-11-15, 08:40 AM
I had to do this on my own. I went to the local VA as a walk in and they were able to squeeze me in. Make sure that he gets a copy of the HIV results that show it was done at a DOD facility. I had to go back for this, the stamp on the DD2808 wasnt sufficient.

09-14-15, 06:33 AM
Ok, thanks guys!