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08-29-15, 07:04 PM
Something is in the works for AAFES to expand eligibility to honorably discharged veterans to shop online. They first started to mention this about a year ago online, and seem to be in the works of...

08-29-15, 07:15 PM
Also, profits go to support MWR on bases, so for this to get passed, all exchanges must agree to this, like Navy and Marine Corps exchanges, and approved by DOD. Many other things need to be hashed out like how the funds will be divided between MWR bases. I sent an email regarding this a while back to see where this issue lays as far as membership for HDVETS. They sent me a response stating that they are working on it, and to keep checking their web site for an announcement if this goes through. I'd be looking into some announcement around VETERANS DAY in November. Some retirees have been vocal against this stating they only should be able to shop there and active duty, since they put in the time and the Navy Exchange sites a possible "Benefits creep", like future request for shopping on base for instance.

08-29-15, 07:24 PM
And here is a web site for first responders, government employees and military active duty retirees and veterans. If you like tactical gear and equipment, go to <br />
<br />
www.govx.com <br />
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Seem to have some...

08-29-15, 08:06 PM
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Tennessee Top
08-31-15, 07:50 AM
As a retired Marine, I have had the opportunity to shop in a variety of exchanges, including the one at the Air Force Reserve Base here in Knoxville. In my opinion, AAFES goods are more expensive than the big box stores you listed (with a few exceptions of course - mainly in electronics) and explains why they need us more than we need them. Gasoline on every military installation I've visited (including Parris Island and Camp LeJeune) is cheaper out in town as well. So, not sure how much of a benefit this would be to everyday veterans.

Old Marine
08-31-15, 09:00 AM
Agree with Tennessee Top.

08-31-15, 09:11 AM
We stole a big (4x10 maybe) AAFES sign during my first tour and hung it up in our hooch. Of course it was appropriately modified to reflect the true definition of the acronym:


08-31-15, 09:37 AM
My 1st Legal J O B as a very young teen was a Bag boy @ the Commissary on Ft Belvoir had alot of Marines &amp; Familes up from Quantico everyday of the Week buying chow...Civilans regulate the prices...

08-31-15, 09:45 AM
When Spell check takes over & does it Wrong they must be regulating the Same as on those Bases I know it's Civilians !

08-31-15, 09:52 AM
I don't know why they make it seem like a big deal or benefit, just get on with it and expand its membership. Doesn't mean we will be flocking to it. Just another place to dump money on a mail order shopping. I'm heading out to Costco right now. I can see what I want to buy.
Shopping on base or AAFES was good out overseas where you couldn't buy U.S products and thus substantially cheaper. A bottle of after shave on base versus a bottle in a Panama store was way cheaper. So was booze and cigarettes. The tables have turned. Cigarettes are way cheaper in Panama than they are in the U.S. Cheaper in most Central America than in the U.S. The health laws, and taxing in the U.S. out of control causing this.

08-31-15, 12:45 PM
One of the largest profit centers for aafes, nexcom etc; has been in the sale of alcoholic beverages. There are no state or federal tax's in the price that they buy wholesale from local beer, wine or liquor distributors or state controlled distributors of alcoholic beverages. Aafes etc; in all areas in which they operate are required to be within ten(10) of the case price of the same like product in the civilian market. That means that there is an extended profit for Aafes, etc;. They are also required to survey the civilian market to determine their pricing in the class six, etc;.

This may have changed since I was involved with distributing alcohol to the military market; however that was the policy/law that was in effect then. Pricing was closely watched by the civilian market to make sure that the bases did not get out of line because aafes etc; with their extra profit margins could destroy the civilian market with low pricing.

There are other law's/policies that effect the distribution etc; to military bases