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01-14-04, 06:52 AM
I know the history of this organization, but am somewhat confused as to what the criteria is to display the little Gold Star flag on one's door or window? I believe Pres. Bush declared Gold Star Mothers Day as the last Sunday of Sept. back in 2002. I'm of the belief that this flag can only be displayed if you lost a son or daughter in combat. I have a neighbor who is currently displaying the flag on their door, and I know that they have a son in the Marines. Yet, I cannot find any record of their son being killed in Iraq. The Marine Corps Times listed all the names to date in the 5January04 edition and he's not there. I really don't wan't to knock on their door and ask. Can somebody out there clarify ?

Phantom Blooper
01-14-04, 07:37 AM
If you have an active duty member of the military you can fly the Bluestar flag as support for for the active duty personel. A Goldstar flag is flown for deceased members of any military service. www.goldstarmoms.com www.bluestarmothers.org S/F Chuck Hall

01-14-04, 08:51 AM
Thanks a lot.