View Full Version : What kind of tactical knife do Marines use in the field today?

Tennessee Top
08-10-15, 04:13 PM
If I wanted to buy a tactical knife for an active duty Marine to use in the field/deployed what do you all recommend? Most old salts are going to automatically say a KA-BAR but I doubt that's the knife Marines take to the field with them today (could be wrong). Anybody happen to know the knife Marine Raiders and Navy SEALS use for instance? Also. Am I correct this knife would have to be turned into the unit armory for safekeeping and checked out when deployed, field exercises, etc. (not kept in the BEQ)? Note: I capitalized the title of the question and it came out this way with the word Marine uncapitalized.

Tennessee Top
08-10-15, 05:02 PM
Thanks for fixing the title for me DanM!

08-10-15, 05:28 PM
KA-BAR or Gerber

And yes it is supposed to technically be turned into the armory but they'll probably never see it again. Most guys I know just keep it put away and locked up in their wall locker or something.

08-10-15, 06:40 PM
i had a ka-bar .kept it locked in wall locker.send it to the armory and you'll never see it again

08-10-15, 06:57 PM
I have a KA-BAR ...


Tennessee Top
08-10-15, 07:00 PM
Appreciate the responses.

Seems like, as long as you get a detailed property receipt from the armorer with their signature, should be good-to-go. With that proof of chain-of-custody, a claim against the Government for replacement cost should be a slam-dunk if it did come up missing. But, could be wrong.

Have also heard other Marines say they keep unauthorized weapons hidden in their rooms. Their call. But, seems like a big gamble with NJP if they ever get caught/narked-on by a room mate. Doesn't seem worth the gamble to me.

BTW: I have three KA-BARS (all departing gifts from separate units).

08-10-15, 07:20 PM
Top unless things have changed ,we were allowed to keep the knife in our lockers

Big Boz
08-10-15, 07:28 PM
My next knife will be the Benchmade 150 NIVRAMUS. Kind of pricey though.

08-11-15, 03:02 AM
I still have my old k-bar and after all these years she is still beautiful and stunning. One day I will give it to one of my sons but for now I just can't part with her.

08-13-15, 09:43 PM
I did give My Son , My k-bar when He finished School and went to His first duty station. As I have more knives My Sons have given to Me .

08-14-15, 01:57 AM
I wore my K-bar over my left breast, handle down for quick hand to hand combat usage. In my opinion K-bar needs to do whatever it takes to keep up with the Infantry Marines Needs, and The Special Operators. I know in I Corps. Vietnam Marines liked to decapitate the enemy with Machete's.

08-14-15, 05:30 PM
Kershaw is a really really good knife as well as the afforementioned Gerber.