View Full Version : I'm working on a PTSD/Soldier Suicide project and I need your help.

08-07-15, 10:11 PM
Hi folks,
I'm SGT J. Corey Hitchcock USA (RET). I was medically retired last year from the Army. I've had 3 soldiers I know commit suicide this year. I want to do something about it, so I started working with a buddy of mine who was Navy Combat Camera in OIF and OEF and we came up with the idea of a Podcast called "War After the War".

The plan for the podcast is to interview combat vets for two reasons, A. To get their war stories recorded for history. B. To maybe help out a service member who's contemplating suicide.

The format is going to be a semi structured conversation. Guidance will be given and clarification questions asked if needed but, overall I want the SM to be in control of where the conversation goes.

We all have read the MOH citations and a few SS citations. I want to tell the story of the combat SM just doing their job. Remarkable and heroic things are done by lots of different folks, folks who don't necessarily win the MOH or a SS. I also want to talk about the coping mechanisms that the SM used to get over the "event" or "action" we talk about in the interview. Finally I'll ask the SM if he could say something today to a kid contemplating suicide what would it be. There will not be any time limit, we can talk as long as you want and I'll publish it all.

Also, the only editing I will be doing as far as cutting things out is anything OPSEC. Other than that its the SM's chance to be heard by the world and have their story documented for history.

With that said, my buddy and I will be in the DC area next weekend conducting interviews for the Podcast. I would love to have you guys participate, if you're interested you can email me at corey@warafterthewar.com.

We will be at the Marine Corps League on Friday night 14AUG15 conducting interviews. Please pass this word along to anyone you might know in the DC area.

Thanks for reading this far.