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07-13-15, 08:08 PM
I'm 24 years old, single, and no kids. I've been out for almost a year, and been having thoughts about joining up again. Or go to a different branch of service, in a different job.
My time in the military wasn't a memorable one. In fact I was always stuck in a garrison unit "never enjoyed them" so I never deployed. Also, being an admin clerk didn't help either. I missed x3 opportunities to deploy. Not that I didn't fight for it, but someone else got the spot for it.
Also, in no way, shape, or from that I wanted to be an 0111 (Admin). Recruiter throw in some bull****, which I'm not going into. Because I already know that you are thinking that it's my fault. Well, I really don't care. I hated the hell out of the job, and I thought I was wasting my life.
No offense to those that have/had had the MOS, and take/took pride in the work they do. If so, you have a higher tolerance in that job than I do. I thought I could do alot more work in a different MOS. Official I had the title of a Legal Administration Marine. Realistically, didn't "help" take pride in the work, "or lack of". Also, I didn't feel like I wasn't contributing to the Marine Corps, or my country. In fact, when I got out I felt like I didn't contribute enough to my country, or served for that matter.
Right now, I'm just working a job that pays well. Alot of hours, but pays well. I don't plan on staying there for the rest of my life. I do plan on going to school. I know where, and what degree I want.
Also, did I royally screw myself when applying to future employers that in the military I was Admin, that's not in the same field as my former MOS.

So any advice is appreciated.

07-13-15, 09:05 PM
You don't have to put on a resume or application to a job that you were "Admin". Based on what I know about what admin Marines do though, many of things translate over to civilian sector VERY well!

You need to learn how to write a resume and market yourself. I assume you were never a Sgt and had to write a FitRep?

My advice.....don't bother with getting back in, it's gonna be more garrison BS than before when you were in. Use your GI Bill and go back to school, you literally get paid to go to school full time. As long as you don't have any crazy debt/bills you can live a pretty cozy life while going to college full time. If you work a part time job that makes it even better.

Like I pointed out before though, I think you just need to learn how to market yourself better. I understand you are a bit disgruntled about the job/MOS you had but it's all about how you word those skills and your veteran status to potential employers.

USMC 2571
07-13-15, 09:05 PM
Sounds like things didn't go your way in the Marine Corps. If it were me making the decision, I wouldn't let you back in. Besides, I'm hearing that it isn't easy to GET back in. But you have too much of the entitlement syndrome for me. Hated your job in the Corps? You should have gone in in past eras where we had no say as to what job we'd get, not even the field. Ah, today's generation. Things just are never good enough.

USMC 2571
07-13-15, 09:07 PM
josephd is a much younger guy, squared away, helpful, listen to his advice. My advice is based on a much different Corps, and most of us have zero patience for tales of woe about MOSs. LOL. Take Joe's advice, take mine with the grain of salt I know it will be taken with.

07-13-15, 09:09 PM
But....if you are still on contract(in your IRR time), go talk with a PSR, get in touch with MARFORRES or MOBCOM, depending on your rank there is alot of opportunities in the Reserve side that will allow you to get on active duty orders for up to a year at a time to go do misc. things all over the world.

07-13-15, 09:21 PM
Point 1: What isyour RE-Code? The rest looks okay.

Point 2: You do what you are ordered to do. You can always volunteer, but sometimes, the answer is NO. If you cannot accept that, donít join any service.

Point 3: Why shouldthe Marine Corps or any service re-train you? Money was spent on you once, and that MOS may still be short. Someone has to do the Admin work. Other services will sense your desperation and make you take a hard to fill MOS; it could be Admin, again, in the Army/Navy. The Air Force is not an option.

Point 4: Pretend you join the Army and they make you a clerk in a parachute unit. You earn your wings and are on jump status. Clerks are also needed in Ranger units; you could then go to Ranger School. Or, you try out to be a Special Forces Soldier, which if you pass, you could be a Weapons SGT, Engineer SGT, Medical SGT, or a Commo SGT. But if you fail, and you are sent back to your unit as the Admin guy, will you do your duty or be a whiney, ****bird?

Point 5: Get the degree; it is yours forever. It seems people in the world want Security Guards with a bachelors, but only pay you minimum wage. Choose wisely.

Finally, it want to serve so badly, why not the Reserves orNational Guard? But as most people willtell you, the drawdown is on. Sequestercould make it worse. Even if you had stayed,you still might have been forced out.

Good luck in whatever you choose.

Tennessee Top
07-14-15, 09:57 AM
First of all, as you discovered, the grass is not always greener on the other side. We see that here all the time with Marines who got out and things have not worked out for them like they expected or wanted (imagine that!).

Knowing what you know about the USMC (and your poor attitude towards it), and the unlikely event of things being any better should you go back in (or a different branch), I don't understand why you're even entertaining the idea.

Since you plan on going to college anyway, why spin your wheels with however long you would be on active duty again? You're not getting any younger. Go ahead, get started on that degree, and enjoy your time as a student. Sounds to me, you will be much happier.

Good luck.

07-22-15, 11:27 PM
i feel for this guy. I also feel as though i don't contribute to anything in my current MOS, but it doesn't make me a bad Marine. I still do my job, i lead my Marines, i put in the work. If he/we want to trade jobs to satisfy that feeling of duty and service then why not? Our MOS of course still need bodies but whose to say that changing MOS isn't beneficial to the Corps? If you can re-train a Marine to something he is passionate about i can guarantee he will perform to his utmost ability. Isn't that a good thing? and if i can move to a job where i can directly influence the mission of the Marine Corps as a whole (warfighting as opposed to rear support), then why wouldn't i take on that role? Many people join to contribute to the country and Corps, why hate on them for wanting to feel as though they did that by serving again or in a different capacity. But then again im just a young guy too so im seeing this on his level.