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01-13-04, 07:09 AM
X-treme Challenge challenges Miramar Marines
Submitted by: MCAS Miramar
Story Identification Number: 20041910577
Story by Sgt. W.A. Napper Jr.

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION MIRAMAR, Calif. (Jan. 8, 2004) -- Physical fitness is one of the basic components of the Marine Corps lifestyle. In order to be one of "the few, the proud," physical fitness is a must.
Now there is a new program here for Marines aboard the air station to strive for their personal best.

"The X-treme Challenge is an incentive program that helps promote more than one activity while promoting better fitness," said Christine Stewart, Semper Fit fitness specialist and X-treme Challenge program coordinator. "It should take the average person about a year to complete this program, which will coincide with the launch of X-treme Challenge 2."

By completing various fitness activities, enthusiasts earn points that then translate into different prizes. Nearly all fitness activities are included in the program, 30- and 60-minute cardiovascular workouts, nine and 18-hole golfing, lap swimming, weightlifting, intramural sports, health fairs, more than 20 different activities in all. Fitness gurus can also do each activity more than once, sometimes up to 90 times per event.

For example, a pick-up game of basketball is worth one point for the X-treme Challenge. Pick-up sports points can be maximized up to 90 points, which equates to 90 different games of basketball. Other sports included in this category are volleyball, softball and racquetball.

"This program promotes a healthy total lifestyle," said Stewart, who has been developing the program since April 2003. "That's why you can't do the exercise bike everyday for the rest of your life and earn all the prizes."

As soon as participants earn 100 points they are entered into a quarterly drawing where they can earn gift certificates and other fitness and sports prizes. Aside from the drawings, participants earn prizes each time they earn 100 points. Once they earn 600 points they are dubbed an X-treme Challenger and will receive a certificate and have their picture posted at the facility they signed up at, as well as entered into the drawing held each January. Some of the prizes offered are water bottles, workout towels, self-measuring tapes, workout radios and more.

There is a one-time registration fee of $5 to sign up for the program, which is paid after the first two prizes are earned. Stewart said the program is based on the honor system so even Marines deploying can continue to participate in the program while they are gone.
"All they have to do is keep track of what they do and turn it in when they get back," she said. "They'll get all the prizes when they return."

Although the program is currently only offered at Miramar, Stewart said she hopes the X-treme Challenge will go Marine Corps-wide.

"This program is to help motivate our Marines and to make working out more fun," she said. "If it goes Marine Corps-wide that would really be great."

The program is run on a three-year cycle, with each year promising to be more challenging and more fun than the previous year. Participants can sign up at any time.

"We're all excited about it," she said. "The more successful this program is the more prizes we can get and the better services we can provide."




01-13-04, 07:18 AM
Marines need gimmicks to entice them to workout? What ever happened to Unit PT with a motivated (if not sadistic - LOL) NCO/SNCO leading the charge?