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06-05-15, 05:41 PM
Good Morning from Marine Corps Base Hawaii. I haven't posted on this forum in quite some time. This site has a wealth of information and is extremely usedul. I joined in 2009 when I was a poolee. Things certainly have moved along since then. I am currently on my second reenlistment (reenlisted in 2013) and just received a school seat for Drill Instructor school in Parris Island:evilgrin:. I've gone to 9 countries in my time in the Corps and met friends that will last a lifetime. I will be in this gun club until I hit my 20 or they force me to part ways. To all the poolees on here, good luck. To my fellow Marines, Semper Fi!

06-05-15, 05:46 PM
Good to Go Derek... Stay hard, Stay safe... Best of luck down that road...

Semper Fi...

Tennessee Top
06-05-15, 06:10 PM
Good luck at DI school Devil!

Phantom Blooper
06-05-15, 06:47 PM
<dd class="aboutme_right">Derik....Good luck to you in all your endeavor's....I remember when you were a Poolee in diapers....you have come a long way! Hang in there! Congratulations!

USMC 2571
06-05-15, 08:31 PM
OH THANK GOODNESS---it wasn't what I thought it was when I saw the title of the thread, Poolee to DI School. I thought to myself, oh no, now they're sending POOLEES to be DIs??????????????????????? LOL

Good luck to the OP!

Tennessee Top
06-06-15, 07:18 AM
Not too loud Dave! You may give them an idea!! lol

USMC 2571
06-06-15, 08:34 AM

Old Marine
06-06-15, 09:08 AM
Pretty close Dave. One of mine was a PFC.

USMC 2571
06-06-15, 09:48 AM
Amazing, Willie---we had 3 E-5s, but for the last few weeks an E-4 joined them until graduation, I don't know why.

USMC 2571
06-06-15, 09:58 AM
Our platoon guide ended up as a DI only 5 short years after boot camp graduation, went on to become a Captain.

Old Marine
06-06-15, 12:38 PM
Amazing, Willie---we had 3 E-5s, but for the last few weeks an E-4 joined them until graduation, I don't know why.

What do you mean "You don't know why." All you had to do was pull up a footlocker, sit down with him and he would probably have given you any info you wanted.

USMC 2571
06-06-15, 01:04 PM
Well, those not the NEW Corps days, Willie.

Things were slightly different then.

Old Marine
06-07-15, 01:15 PM
Are you saying it is different now? NAW, how could that happen? Of all things, I always figured Marine Boot Camp would never change. There was not one day when I attended Recruit Training that I did not receive some sort of remedial instruction. The first couple of weeks I was so scared that I do not remember those two weeks.

Tennessee Top
06-08-15, 08:15 AM
We can thank the "Moms of America" for the softening-up of USMC bootcamp. Can't even imagine my DI's at MCRD San Diego taking an oath in front of their platoon that they would never abuse us. More like, they PROMISED to abuse us as often as they could!