View Full Version : Help needed. Any fellow leathernecks reside in Tarrant County TX

06-01-15, 12:50 AM
Hello hard chargers. <br />
<br />
I was wondering if any leathernecks could help me if you live in Fort Worth TX or Tarrant county and have extra time. I have this child custody dispute at the Fort Worth...

06-01-15, 01:05 AM
Forgot to mention that the corrupt organization is trying to frame me as a criminal, as well. Also, I mean't to say "and it's not objected to" not "or objected.

06-08-15, 08:38 PM
Also, I mean overdosing not overdoing.

06-09-15, 10:20 AM
Well, you certainly came to the right place for this kind of thing.

Zulu 36
06-09-15, 11:29 AM
You need an attorney to handle this matter. That's the best advice I can offer. I know you'll say you can't afford one, but it appears you can't afford not to have one. Contact your local Bar Association. Perhaps they can steer you to an attorney that will do some pro bono work, or will work with you on payments.