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09-03-02, 07:15 PM
I've tried PM's with this feller, and he doesn't seem to get it, so, out in public we go! LOL;)

POOLEE's and DEPers.


While most of us like enthusiasm and motivation, we don't tolerate arrogance.The Random House Dictionary defines arrogance as "making unwarrantable claims to superior importance. Haughty or overbearing."

The one fellow is making all sorts of claims, and to a point I admire his enthusiasm. However he cannot distinguish one enlisted pay grade from another. He claims that he is going to shoot expert on the range in boot, yet has never fired a weapon. Whatever is said to him in wisdom and peace has thus far been ignored. Whatever I have said to him, he has only seen my positve comments on his behaviour, ignoring my warnings, and making more unwarrantable claims as to his skills and abilities!

He claims many things, yet has done nothing.

We are here to help in any way possible, however you must first desire our assistance. Thus far this individual seems to know much more than anyone who has been there. I am beginning to wonder why he has come here? Perhaps to teach us in our ignorance!

Another individual has become increasing more disrespectful. Let this be your first warning. The third time, your butt is mine!

I am more than willing to help you youngsters. Everyone on this board is! But respect for experiences and knowledge which you do not yet have should be first and foremost in your thoughts and out of your mouths when addressing any member of leatherneck.com. Even in addressing each other.

Something I and others have seen many times from you POOLEE's and DEPers is the fact that when you are confronted and called on the carpet for such words and arrogance, you deny, you blame, you bluff and threaten and then instead of changing your behaviour, you leave and go elsewhere until you find those that agree to tolerate your ill behavior. Marines will not tolerate such behavior anywhere you go.

Please learn now that negative behaviour draws negative attention. When you begin to feel that the world is down on you, there just may be a reason....and it will having nothing to do with the rest of the world.

Please stick around for a bit! Even if you don't want to change or grow up! If nothing else, your improper attitude and lack of respect give us some little bit of excitement, and as one member here has said, you become "...our playtoys." LOL.

09-03-02, 07:29 PM
These thing may not yet be real to you. Many of those on this board, even active duty Marines, have been involved in events that are only history to you.

They are still real to us.

We have seen fellow Marines die, ruin their health, their relationships and their careers.... so that you might be free and safe in your homes. What you have seen only on TV we have experienced as reality. There are combat Veterans of every sort on this board, and the "non-combatant" Marines have sacrificed immeasureably in every way to insure that the mission was accomplished.

Were it not for the Marines on this board and thousands of others like them, you would most assuredly be speakin Russian, Chinese, Japanese, or German and living under their leadership and control.

Be enthusiastic, but be also very aware of what YOU owe to them and to others like them.

09-03-02, 07:33 PM
I am a very tolerant Marine. As a former recruiter and NCOIC, and in my role as a public relations specialist for the Corps, I have learned to be a bit more tolerant of those who are not wise in our ways. It seems this individual has stirred some emotions within you. I'm not sure who it is or what was said. What I will say to add to your post is that this forum is designed to inform and educate those who are willing to open up their minds and learn about our Corps. Those who have not completed the rite of passage are not part of the brotherhood and should respect those of us who have completed that journey. As a future Marine or Depper, you are the Subject Matter Expert (SME) on nothing. What I mean by that is that your enlistment has not even begun yet. You have only experienced the recruiting process and that does not qualify as Marine Corps training. Please accept the advice and counsel of those who have "been there, and done that." Once you complete the training and earn the title Marine, you can tell us all about it. Until then you are just someone who has raised their hand and volunteered to attempt to join the most prestigous military unit this country has -- The United States Marine Corps. Marines respect their seniors, their brothers, and their institution. For those of you waiting to be Marines, that portion of your training begins now.


02-18-03, 10:43 PM
Once again, for the new guys.....

apparently they're too lazy to look at the POOL-ee and Mentor forums.