View Full Version : Looking to reenlist. RE3P code... need help on how to reverse this code to re4

12-17-14, 02:51 PM
I joined the Marine Corps a few years back and happen to fall onto hard times. To cut things short, now I want to rejoin but I got a RE-3P code, honorable. Now I have talked to a SSGT prior service recruiter and he told me that the only way to do that is to contact my previous duty station and go from there... to have them reverse this code to a RE-4... I am confused...
Can anyone please guide me on how to go about on doing this?:flag::flag::flag:

12-17-14, 03:10 PM
If you had a medical condition that resulted in your discharge, you have to request a waiver for reenlistment if it was a physical condition that was not a disability. The prior service recruiter...

12-17-14, 03:21 PM
THIS.... additionally, ONLY the "issuing authority" can change a RE code... as Keg said, you DO NOT want a RE-4 under any circumstances unless it was issued by the Air Force, who, for some...

12-19-14, 10:56 AM
Can't get in with a RE-4

12-19-14, 02:44 PM
My mistake, I meant RE-1A. The prior service recruiter that I spoke with told me that I had to call my previous command and request the RE-3P reversal to a RE-1A. I am not sure if this is how it works because I spoke to different people and some say this and some say that. I am in a bind here.

12-19-14, 05:38 PM
You would have to petition the Board for the Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) and/or the Navy Discharge Review Board (NDRB) and follow the instructions there to upgrade your separation and...

12-22-14, 12:16 PM
Once you get OUT it's twice as hard to get back in!!
I live close to recruiters and they all say if your thinking of getting out to see the world they all say not going to happen cause there looking for Men & Women who want to stay in regardless.
That's why if your out learn a new job cause your not going to get back in, Unless your MOS is really needed..