View Full Version : Enormous sun spot, 11 TIMES bigger than Earth

10-25-14, 12:25 PM

Scientists have identified what could be the largest sun spot for more than a quarter of a century.

If it erupts, the resulting solar storm will send particles at super speed crashing towards earth cutting off electricity supplies, telephone signals and computer systems, they said.

The Met Office said it is watching a sun spot which is currently thought to be the biggest detected in 25 years.

A spokesman said: “The Met Office Space Weather Operations Centre is currently monitoring the biggest sun spot in this 11-year solar cycle, so big that it’s about the size of Jupiter or 11 times bigger than the Earth.

“It is thought it might be the biggest for 25 years but this is still to be confirmed.

“Over the last few days this sun spot has emitted a couple of strong, and a few moderate, solar flares but nothing out of the ordinary.

“The significant events we’re looking for are Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) and to date there have been no CME associated with these flares.

10-25-14, 07:28 PM
Solar storm from massive sunspot video