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07-21-14, 10:55 AM
In case I'm not the only one...

The last several days connecting to this site has been absolute hell.
I can't tell you how long it took just to post this thread.

Inconsistent connectivity, wait for a minute or so to connect only to get the message 'server timed out' more often than not.
Refreshing a page exhibits the same behavior.

As much as I enjoy interacting with some Marines here I'm pretty dismayed and frustrated with it all.
I've read comments, speculations by others lately but I have no clue.

I use Firefox and all other sites load as expected.
This site doesn't revolve around my desires but whatever is occurring lately sure isn't working for me.
Hope it gets resolved if it's NOT just me experiencing the above.

Carry on....

07-21-14, 11:22 AM
I've having the same troubles the past few days myself ...

07-21-14, 12:56 PM
You're not the only one. Site is as slow as a paraplegic turtle trying to swim in molasses.

Been getting this on Chrome:

This webpage is not available


07-21-14, 01:16 PM
Thanks for chiming in Brothers.

Three times and minutes of waiting I guess I got lucky in posting here again.

If it's truly server/bandwidth related that would be a disappointing scenario.

But, private site and they can manage as they see fit and hope all will continue to participate in spite of it.
End of story.


USMC 2571
07-21-14, 05:06 PM
Same issues, Wayne---you're not alone---using Internet Explorer OR Google Chrome--same result---

Dennis Budd
07-21-14, 05:10 PM
I haven't been able to access the site all day until now and it took more than 3 minutes just to get to the home page and about half that to open this forum. I also enjoy shooting the breeze with everyone but this is getting ridiculous. Unable to post links or pictures and I don't dare make a mistake in typing and back up over the mistake to start again. When that happens, I have to press the keys very hard at about a speed of a word every two minutes

07-21-14, 05:52 PM
D Budd....

Same behavior for me still.
I clicked the 'Quote' button to respond to you and it's been in limbo for over five minutes.
It's like no one cares but the site ownership/moderators have to know what going on.
It makes one wonder if the advertizing needs of the site is sucking up bandwidth on decade old servers.
I don't know shvt but it's not a good sign on a a few levels.
This is not the first time this very issue has reared it's ugly countenance.

Obviously, a slight rant on my part but perception is reality from my perspective.
I'm hopeful this should post up by October.

It's after 17:00 in Beijing and I'm feeling the need for an icy Sam Adams.
Belly up patient ones.....I'm buying. :beer:

USMC 2571
07-21-14, 07:14 PM
One thing about us, Wayne--we're persistent!

07-21-14, 07:31 PM
Been trying repeatedly for two hours, but finally made it ...

07-21-14, 08:16 PM
Same here also.. just got on for the first time today @ 1815 hrs.. pst

07-22-14, 05:02 AM
Amazing , Grace....

wonder if this will take another week
to fix ???? like the last time....

07-22-14, 07:14 AM
Same thing for me. Been 8 or 9 days now.


07-22-14, 07:17 AM
Just got another one. Logged me out and I had to log back in again ?
Leatherneck.com is nor responding. Recover webpage ? Don't know what that means. Never seen it before.

07-22-14, 07:39 AM
Patience....is not in my liking! I'm thinking this may not get fixed. I'm thinking the purpose is to slowly dissolve this web-site. Be glad when my brother Rocky, gets his own web-site!

07-22-14, 09:01 AM
I second that Brother Billy :thumbup:

07-22-14, 11:02 AM
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired trying to get on this site. I'm sick and tired of being unable to post, after I have typed it, and having Internet Explorer send a pop-up, saying recover webpage, and losing my posts.

I was able to get on last nigtht after two days of trying. The last time I posted in site suggestions, I was told by Shaffer if I didn't like it "LEAVE". Shortly therafter, I was given a time out, along with Kegler for who knows what, along with a nasty post from Shaffer.

Shaffer, Sgt.Major, it's your site, but your subscribers need your efforts to correct these problems, because we are sick and tired of what's going on.

Billy, you know where to contact me, if I get banned again.

Dennis Budd
07-25-14, 06:35 PM
Don't know if its the result of this thread but I'm having fewer problems time wise connecting to the site the past couple of days. Still cannot post links or pictures though and dread having to correct a typing mistake

07-25-14, 06:39 PM
Seems the problem has been fixed, for me at least, for the time being.

07-25-14, 07:03 PM
It's better; however the problem of being able to post continues. Sometimes it will allow me to, sometimes it won't. Recover webpage still comes up.

07-26-14, 06:52 AM
Everything works fine for me... :)

07-26-14, 08:01 AM
Seems to be a little better. Now it's avatars and post counts missing ???

07-26-14, 08:49 PM
Seems to be a little better. Now it's avatars and post counts missing ???

First I saw no post count, now I do.

Been connecting just fine the past couple days.

Old Marine
07-27-14, 01:39 PM
They took a poll of WM's in the Corps. Found out that 20% could type and 80% were hunt-n-peckers. LOL :D

08-22-14, 03:13 AM
half height text on thread titles
on search results for new posts

saving ink ??

08-22-14, 06:27 AM
Looks like crap around here.
Came to the page and some convict jumped up on the screen ???

Too many advertisements again....Can't even read the thread titles...

Phantom Blooper
08-22-14, 07:35 AM
Note from thee above......All of these issues have been duly noted and have been put into a folder in the "Who Gives A Rats Azz Forum?" We Don't! With the famous last words...."Don't like it leave!" L I A G R A !

08-22-14, 10:33 AM
Came to the page and some convict jumped up on the screen ???

Mornin' Green Mofo's...

Yep....I did my daily check in yesterday morning and that ad popped up in it's own screen here too.
I was so surprised I checked all my programs in control panel because I thought some strange malware had somehow got to my computer.
Talk about paranoia! ;)

Bloop...your message is received. :)

Carry on....

08-22-14, 05:32 PM
It scared the crap out of me Wayne.

Same ole, same ole here again Bloop.
Bring back the old days !!!

No one is really talking about much anymore here.
Shaffer should apologize like a man and bring back Rocky C and get this place pumping again....

I miss that Jarheads Threads and Posts...

08-22-14, 05:46 PM
It scared the crap out of me Wayne.

Brother Master Guns....

No shvt...scared the hell outta me too.
It hasn't popped up automatically since the first time I closed it.
Plus, being an old, jaded musician/songwriter rap/hip-hop is at the top of my SSR (subjective suckometer rating).
What passes for actual songwriting talent and musicianship these days never ceases to amaze me.

Hope all is well with you and the family orbit.

Carry on...

08-23-14, 04:03 AM
Looks like crap around here.

Came to the page
and some convict jumped up on the screen ???

Too many advertisements again....
Can't even read the thread titles...

I was going to ( complain ) on the

IT was more POOR TASTE than content,
a poor surprise first thing
in the morning before finishing my
first coffee....

08-24-14, 08:24 AM
Agreed Brothers.

Running faster now but same ole, same ole on content...

02-12-15, 06:19 PM
Can the powers that be re; owners , please have your technical people to review the problems this site has, and has had for the past several years.

It is difficult to access this site; and at times difficult to post on. All kind of excuses have been given by various admins, squad leaders, etc;; including Shaffer who told me that if I didn't like it to leave. Well, people are leaving because of their experience as outlined above.

Yesterday; I received a pop up saying that they couldn't connect to Leatherneck, because their database(leatherneck) was out of date, and suggested I contact Leatherneck. How?

As the owners of Leatherneck, and the only viable site for Marines; can you help?

03-16-15, 03:19 PM
Welcome back Leatherneck.com. Hope you had a nice weekend off.

03-16-15, 04:29 PM
I thought the site got nuked ...

03-16-15, 04:54 PM
Net Neutrality Act....

03-16-15, 05:10 PM
... or gullible warming ...

03-16-15, 07:15 PM
so who are the new owners

03-16-15, 07:27 PM
so who are the new owners

beets me, but it sure would be nice if they came on here once in a while just for a chat..

Old Marine
03-16-15, 08:00 PM

03-16-15, 08:06 PM
do not say that even for fun

03-17-15, 08:17 AM
Posted by Old Marine:

do not say that even for fun


03-17-15, 08:43 AM
Morning Brothers. WTF, site was down all weekend and then I noticed all our credits are gone under our avatar.

There goes my coffeee mug I was saving them for LOL.

Be good to yourselfs.

03-17-15, 10:14 AM
Morning Brothers. WTF, site was down all weekend and then I noticed all our credits are gone under our avatar.

There goes my coffeee mug I was saving them for LOL.

Be good to yourselfs.

They were my retirement plan :evilgrin:

03-18-15, 06:01 AM
Did the government take over this website?

03-29-15, 03:39 PM
Morning Brothers. WTF, site was down all weekend
and then I noticed all our credits are gone under our avatar.

There goes my coffeee mug I was saving them for LOL.

Be good to yourselfs.

Shaffer's taking lessons from Obama and the IRS

HM3 Doc Wilder
06-09-16, 07:03 PM
Rocky,really having trouble signing on.Leased a new Samsung Galaxy,when putting my password,it doesn't allow me entrance to LN.I get back my internet in 7 days.It will be great.Today is me Brother' s Birthday.He has 1100 friends on FB.I have 22 friends on FB.I got on using FB.Hope this is just a small glitch-Just wanted to say Hello to you all.By any means necessary.

Rocky C
06-10-16, 07:51 AM
Your posts got thru Doc. Hang in there until you get your internet back. Tell him I said Happy Birthday.

07-01-16, 03:10 AM
THE PROBLEM i seem to have
is with the 'NEW' "social" Services section
Social groups- what ever -

clicked to join-

been forever - still doesn't work -

LowBidMaintence ???
@ no time at all, we'll be
sub-contracting out the help....

07-01-16, 10:07 AM
Here's your problem Ed.....



07-01-16, 10:09 AM
Get one of these new fangled "Hi speed" I-phones like I did....


07-01-16, 03:57 PM
gosh - 330 bps or 660 bps ?
have any PAPER TAPE ? or
do you Cassette Load to boot ?

Could be the wetbacks are stealing
the cables ? Maybe the price is up
on Plastic and Copper ?

you gotta be carefull around *Texas way*.

There BE DRAGONS there.
Mongoose said he has a Bearded lizard he
wants to sell.

I connect with MozillaFirefox v45/or so
i think the texas midnight shift may
be the gremlins that cause my trouble
most time / perhaps maintance ?

03:00/04:00 EST/DST

07-01-16, 05:38 PM
"Connectivity issues" - good, it's working. That's just what we want everybody to think when we're changing out the tapes on the super-sniffer-snooper machines that keep the logs of everything all y'all malcontents are doing on the Interwebs.

Those things fill up fast some times!

Makes for fun reading when you have the night shift, though...


03-12-17, 03:36 AM

broken link ???


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03-12-17, 10:45 AM
Exactly what is your point Ed...???

03-12-17, 12:18 PM
Marine -

Where else should i ask about "Broken links" ???
Who the frigf knows what is going on here
in LN now days..........

Maybe we shouldn't ask
better yet
even care.........
fool me once - shame on you

03-12-17, 02:09 PM
Ed ................all the links work for me except http://www.leatherneck.com/forums/sh...cly-amounts-to (http://www.leatherneck.com/forums/showthread.php?123526-What-posting-publicly-amounts-to).It appears to be a blank black page with subliminal messages of indoctrination from an unknown source.

03-13-17, 03:01 AM
thanks Dan,

that ONE link, may have made all the
difference in the world of saving this site...

would have been a shame if it doesnt work.......

03-13-17, 07:34 AM
Am I friggin going out of my mind?? Final test for a Masters Degree in Toxicomania, is easier to understand than Ed is !!!!

03-13-17, 08:00 AM

STRING included

03-13-17, 08:02 AM
Ed ................all the links work for me


http://www.leatherneck.com/forums/sh...cly-amounts-to (http://www.leatherneck.com/forums/showthread.php?123526-What-posting-publicly-amounts-to).

It appears to be a blank black page
with subliminal messages of indoctrination
from an unknown source.

Sorta like the only landmine in that field ??

Engineers UP !

03-13-17, 08:31 PM
Ed; did you think that there may be something about a chat room on that connection? You sure are quite as a church mouse pisving on cotton about a chat room these days.

03-14-17, 04:13 AM

maybe ,
pull the pin,
let the spoon fly,
then hold the grenade up side the ear ?

03-14-17, 07:20 AM
Ever see a Grenade with the pin on the right side???

04-02-17, 03:36 AM
Maybe =
if there is a left and a right hand
style for Pin-Pull,

and we steal enough of them,

we'd get a business started on the internet-
selling Grenade Ear-ings ???