View Full Version : Lowe’s Employees Decided To Fix This Veteran’s Wheelchair After The VA Wouldn’t

07-16-14, 07:01 PM

Last week, his wheelchair finally fell apart as he was shopping at Lowe’s. A few employees saw what happened and Sulsona was shocked at how quickly they were ready to help. He wrote a beautiful letter to his local paper about the experience:

07-16-14, 07:13 PM
Sadly, he'd been waiting for two years for the VA to replace his broken wheelchair ... this story shamed the VA into finally doing so.

07-16-14, 07:50 PM
I had to go to the basement of my local area VA to get a wheel chair for my father, was told to bring it back. Sorry place to see. Nobody cares for the guy coming in with no wheel chair, nobody comes to help nor volunteer help. People at the VA I think that works there is the sorriest I ever saw. I took him to a private medical place where he died in somewhat more peaceful terms. Didn't take him back to the VA.

07-17-14, 09:29 AM
The Boston VA did good by him, it was when he came to Texas when it was like night and day. He had no issues at the Boston, Jamaica Plains VA hospital. Took care of his cancer and later, stroke there years ago. So not all VA's are bad, not meaning to sound like the VA is a bad place, its just that the one in Houston is obviously overwhelmed.