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Doc Crow
12-31-03, 08:27 PM
Well folks before it gets any later I thought I would make the New Years Post.

As I look back on the year 2003 it was busy and in many ways heart breaking. We went to war and our troops performed better then we could have ever imagined. They proved that they are the best trained and the best equiped Military the world has ever seen. I say with Pride that my son participated with the 4th ID as a USAF Forward observer running into things he could only imagine in a nightmare. My wife and I worried and prayed and he did what he was trained to do and for that I can only say Thanks and that I am a proud father. Then the war took a change casualties mounted but not at the pace some would be lead to believe. One death is to many but as all of us know that in combat. Rule # 1 is Young men and in this case young women die. My son returned to the UK where he is home based.

Then on June 28th we lost another of the Greatest Generation my Father. My dad was on the 3rd wave into Normandy where he received his 1st of his 3 Purple Hearts during the Normandy Breakout. He use to tell me learn to duck which I did in my combat tours but I was also with my Marines and paid attention to what the hell I was told. For the Marines I was with Thanks and I Love You All as I do the Corps. Heading for West Virginia where my father was Born and Raised and raised a family of 2 daughters and a son then died was probably the saddest time of my life and one of the longest plane trips I have ever had. We buried dad on July 2nd he is now with the warriors of his time that have passed before him and in Gods Mighty hand free from all worries of life. Then I lost my job in October and felt like the world was coming down around my ears since I had never lost a job but hell I was active duty for 20 and had only been in this job for 6 1/2. I am now back to work which is good not as good as before but it is a job and it pays the bills

Even with everything that has happened this past year I have to consider myself lucky. I have a new Grandson # 6 as far as grandchildren a loving wife & 6 wonderful kids. I have a beautiful home a job cloths on my back and food in mine and my families belly. I have no major health problems and neither does my family so hey life is good.

I want to wish everyone here at leathneck a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year

12-31-03, 09:31 PM
I, as one on leatherneck wish you and your's a wonderful New Year as well.

I have a wonderful wife, wonderful daughters and sons-in-law and the most wonderful 11 grandchildren that I could ever hope for.

Life has been good! What ever God brings this year I will accept. He has given me everything anyone could wish for!

I wish for you and everyone on leatherneck God's blessings!

Happy New Year and Semper Fi

(I think that God has a special love for Corpsmen :) )

12-31-03, 09:42 PM
Happy New Year to you and yours, from me and mine!

Semper Fi!


12-31-03, 11:02 PM

Each day is a new beginning...
Another chance to learn more about ourselves,
To care more about others,
To laugh more than we did,
To accomplish more than we thought we could,
To be more than we were before...
And I hope today is just the Beginning
Of another Wonderful Year for You!
Happy New Year!
Have a Happy and prosperous New Year!


Roger, Ellie and Family

01-01-04, 12:01 AM
Happy New Year to all of you at Leatherneck.

This has been a good year for me. Recently married for the first time, Sept. 20. For that I am very grateful, and happy.

Although my wife never served in the Armed Forces, she understands the great deal of loyalty and faith I have in this great country of ours. A tear comes to my eye when the Anthem plays, when I see our forces on the tube, and in papers. I think that for the most part, that when you serve your country, whether it be in peace or war, the fact that you served makes you realize just how important this country and our heritage means.

So, on this day, 01-01-04, 00:56, I want to take a moment to pause and wish all of our troops overseas a Happy, Prosperous and Safe Return to this country and it's people who love them so dearly. I would also like to send this wish to all who are still here, making sure that this New Year celebration, was and is safe for all of us.


Happy New Year.

01:00 and all is secure.

Ooh-Rah and Semper Fi.

01-01-04, 06:00 AM


01-01-04, 08:36 AM
Presidential Message: New Year's Day

December 31, 2003

The President's New Year's Day Message

The past year has been a time of accomplishment and progress. Working together, our citizens have made America a safer, more prosperous, and better country. In the New Year, we will build on these successes, embracing the challenges and opportunities ahead.

We have seen our brave men and women in uniform defend America and liberate the oppressed. We pray for their safety, and we are grateful for their service and the support of their families.

In the past year, millions of people have answered the call to serve their neighbors in need. Americans from every walk of life are building a culture of compassion by devoting their time and talents to help others. In the New Year, I ask all Americans to answer the call to bring hope to those who are less fortunate.

I encourage every American to give thanks to God for His many blessings and to reaffirm our commitment to peace and freedom around the world. Laura joins me in wishing all Americans a Happy New Year. May God bless you, and may God continue to bless the United States of America.


01-01-04, 11:25 AM
Happy New Year from my family to each & all of yours.
Wishing each of you another year of freedom & prosperity & contentment.