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12-30-03, 05:23 PM
After these Holidays, and the weight we put on.
Many will make a resolution to lose that weight.
I'm heading to the fitness center in a few moments.
I was there yesterday, I've gain 6 pounds over these few weeks.
At my age, it's easier putting on. than the taking off.
But for my health, it's best that I take some off.
Back to the treadmill and weight training.
Need to do a great deal of cardio and watch, what I'm eating.
My undoing is "pumpkin pie and whip cream".
Our wish is that you have a joyous and healthful New Year.
Will be working out till I get that weight back down.
5K or 4 miles daily...

12-30-03, 05:40 PM
Yup , I'll be joining ya from Colorado, Ricardo!

Been snowshoeing and running a bit, but not enough to go for a run with the shirt off, when it gets warm!

Semper Fi


12-30-03, 06:46 PM
Well on the opposite side.......Lost 20lbs.....Need to gain it back....Doctor's Orders....

Ellie is making sure I gain it back....Already packed on 10 since I been home......:D....

Millrat I hear you on that pumpkin pie and whip cream...



12-30-03, 07:06 PM
I think you've earned your pie, Roger!

Happy holidays, and Semper Fi!


12-31-03, 04:05 AM
Yep, know what your saying, Ricardo! Done started myself, I too have a weakness for pumpkin pie & whip cream!! I ate more of that then anything else!!