View Full Version : Confused about how marriage works with Dual Marine Marriages

LCpl Shank
05-24-14, 07:38 PM
Hello, I am a LCpl in the Marine Corps and my husband is a Marine as well. I am trying to figure out how and if we will be stationed together. My MOS is Avionics and my husband is Avionics as well. I am "I Strand" and he is "O Strand", he works on Hues and Cobras. He is currently in Camp Pendleton for "C School" and I am going to be in Cherry Point for "C School" on June 2. I graduate there on September and my husband graduates in November. I am just wondering how likely it would be for me to be stationed in Camp Pendleton with him after I graduate "C School". He will still be in "C School". But, one of his duty stations is able to be Camp Pendleton and so is mine. Would they station me to be with him? I am really confused on marriage and the Marine Corps. Advice would be very helpful and much appreciated

05-25-14, 06:35 AM
When I was in the Corps, in 76 i got married to another Marine She was in Bat. HQ. they did try to make sure we were stationed together if at all possible,, now that was the old Corps,, I do believe they still try to do the same today.. but make sure the powers that be know you both desire this..

Rocky C
05-25-14, 12:47 PM
You should be able to with those MOS'.

You really should check with your Chain to get the straight scoop as you 2 are not the first ones in this situation.

Best of luck and let us know how you made out so others will read from your experience with this.

Thank you.