View Full Version : Marine in a battle for fiancee's visa

12-28-03, 07:26 AM
Marine in a battle for fiancee's visa <br />
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By Joyce Howard Price <br />
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Marine Corps Col. Jim Howcroft flew to Mexico Wednesday from his California home to visit with his...

12-28-03, 08:33 PM
Apparently, the good Col. is turning to the media, to try to garner support of the general populace, i.e.; he’s been there, and done that.

A Col. In the Marine Corps, since frickin’ 1979, knows this kind of deal doesn’t happen like clockwork. What he’s looking for would be filed in the ‘exception’ category.

‘Exception’, because of his service, and the timeliness of the state of world affairs.

Bull****. We have all seen this happen to members in our units, whenever / wherever we’ve been. It’s gonna be difficult when you decide to marry a foreign national, period.

Sounds like even Col’s need to submit a ‘tough ****’ chit sometimes.

Semper Fi