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Phantom Blooper
12-25-03, 08:25 AM
I’ve heard of something called closure

And I have heard of people seeking closure

I have put some thought to this “closure” and what it is to me...


What is closure and why do some seek it?

Will closure lessen the memories and the pain?

Does closure right the wrongs?

Is closure when they are no longer a presence in our hearts and minds?

Is closure when they no longer visit your resting place or memorials?

Is closure when they no longer remember you or what you did?

Is closure the Holy Grail?


Closure for some is when you have received your last rights

Closure for some is when they read your obituary in the paper

Closure for some is when they have thrown the last handful of dirt on your casket and everyone walks away

Closure for some is when they have scattered your ashes to the winds & seas

Closure for some is when they have set your tombstone

Closure for some is when they have moved on and get on with their lives without you


For those Marines, Sailors & Soldiers that sacrificed and were killed in Beirut, Lebanon

Those that were my Brothers – in – arms, my leaders, my mentors, my comrades, my friends...

I do not seek closure, nor do I want closure for them or me...

I want them, their sacrifices, their honor and their memories forever and always to be remembered and honored...

For they deserve more than closure... they deserve to be honored and remembered for eternity.

Twenty Christmas’s later I am not willing to close on this chapter of my life. Twenty Christmas’s later my lost brothers and their families are not as fortunate as mine. I celebrate this day with my family because of the “Reason for the Season” and this is the correct thing to do. But always in my mind I also celebrate for my brothers that could not be with their families. On this Christmas present I am always visited by the ghosts of Christmas past. After this lease on life is over, I pray that closure may come when I am visited one day by the ghost of future Christmas’s, and not by the ghost of the many Christmas's past. "Merry Christmas my brothers!"
Semper-Fi! "Never Forget" Chuck Hall:marine:

12-25-03, 05:44 PM

What I learned about closure.

For many years, I used a computer with a 20 meg hard drive and 1024k memory. That was all the room I had to store all of the programs, tools, games, files, spread sheets, and data that made the computer function and/or that I wanted to keep.

Memory could only handle small bits and pieces at a time, and it wasn't too long before the "gigantic" 20 meg HD ran out of storage room for all the "stuff" I had accumulated and carried with me.

I discovered PKZip. PKZip is/was a data compression program that took a memory/storage space consuming folder, compressed it down to minimum size, allowed me to rename it and store it away from the items I needed to use and keep handy on a daily basis.

I had almost 1 gig stored on a 20 meg HD. When I wanted to a specific piece of stored data, PKZip would "open" it and make it available to me. When it was time to move on to something else, PKZIP would "close" it for me, and return it to the shelf.

That's how I discovered "closure". Memory consuming items that interfered with "normal" every day functions were closed and stored away. They were always available to be "recalled", taken out of storage, "opened" at a time of my choosing, and then "closed" again.

Now, after many generational upgrades, memory is measured in megs and my HD storage capacity in hundreds of gigs.

But old habits are hard to break. I still have most of the old folders and files. They are still "closed" by PKZip, and from time to time, I go back and "open" them again, even though many of them have been superceded and overtaken by events.

I know that's just another way of looking at "closure", but it works pretty well for ME.

Phantom Blooper
12-25-03, 07:05 PM
Thanks 1st Sgt, Closure comes for me 8 months out of the year.The last 4 are the hardest to to put in the PKZIP file.Every time I try that for some reason my mental computer gives me "ERROR 1369'...I do my best to RESTORE my computer to a different date....but,sometimes that ERROR message pops up and I have to delete it. I am by no means a computer genius but I have been doing pretty good to keep my computer from crashing for 18years! Semper-Fi! Brother! Thanks! Chuck Hall :marine:

05-13-04, 01:03 PM
Bringing Back Up......


05-13-04, 01:23 PM
Closure for some is the closing of memories that torement the soul.
Memories that are recalled by some triggers in everyday life.
Some are nightmares that creep into your life, when least suspected.
At the end of life there will be closure to those nightmares.
Some have tried to forget events of long time in the past.
Than years after what you were trying to forget, they pop-up.
Some think it's madness but it's the way the body has to deal with those events, we were trying to supress.

Semper Fidelis/Semper Fi