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01-25-14, 08:22 PM
Hey guys,( Marines ) trying to get some thoughts and advice. I am currently a Cpl, and want to Lat move 03XX. I have a wife and kid, my wife is a Marine also and is kinda worried about my choice but supports it.

My options are 0351 or 0352. my questions aren't so much based on training and what not, but what would be the reaction to a bunch of guys ( Marines ) who have 2+ combat tours getting a new Cpl who has never even deployed.

I'm nervous about this, I don't mind getting the "POG" jokes, but I also don't want the other Marines not to take me seriously, that I am very dedicated to what ever I do, and will try my damndest. thoughts, advice.....

01-25-14, 09:01 PM
my $.02.....don't do it...

"POG" jokes aside, you are gonna go to an infantry unit where the NCO's will have those 2 or more pumps and there will be LCpl's that have the same. All of which are great guys but trust me when I tell you that a deployment, especially a combat one, changes you and how you interact with other Marines. Being an NCO, you will not be shown any respect once they find out you are not "one of them". Sad but true.

Just my opinion from experience working with/around grunts...it takes some serious work to just be able to get along with them, much more to earn their respect.