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Corporal Rizzo
12-17-13, 01:36 PM
It is with a heavy heart that I come to you with this news. My old Marine buddy, David McDaniel (formerly of I.S.M.D., MCB Camp Lejeune), and his family are going through a tragic time this holiday season. His wife has been in a terrible accident. Mrs. Allison McDaniel is currently in critical condition and has severe swelling of the brain. Should she survive this portion of her recovery, she will then be needing facial reconstructive surgery.

Myself and Dave's other Marine buddies are trying to get some donations together to help them pay the remainder of their medical bills that are not covered by insurance. They have four small children and can use all the help they can get.

Below, I will provide a link to the news story as well as a link where you can donate. The donation button is set up through my business PayPal account, and 100% of funds will be given to the family. The goal is to raise a minimum of $1k before Christmas. Any amount that you can donate is appreciated, even if it is one dollar. YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO DONATE.

Here is the link to donate: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=9H9FVEBVVLAAJ

Again, ANY amount you can donate is acceptable. Please spread the word, and I will keep everyone updated as to Allison's condition and as well how much money we've raised to help out her family.

Thank you, and Semper Fi.

Brandon Rizzo, Corporal, USMC

12-18-13, 04:20 AM
prayer outbound and will do what i can, i copied and pasted it in my folder so i will not loose it,,

Rocky C
12-18-13, 09:28 AM
Prayers Outbound also to our Brothers wife and family.

Link copied and pasted to folder so I can send it forward.

Corporal Rizzo
12-18-13, 10:06 AM
Gentlemen, thanks for your support. Dave's friends and I are setting this up on Fundly.com so people will know it's legit. I will get back to you shortly with the link. Any donations made in the meantime will be transferred over, and we are happy to provide evidence of the transfer to whomever made the donation.
Thanks, and S/F!

Corporal Rizzo
12-18-13, 11:48 AM
O.k., here is the link to the official campaign. https://fundly.com/former-marine-s-wife-in-critical-condition

Corporal Rizzo
12-18-13, 01:35 PM
I implemented a plan quickly to try to get the word out as soon as I'd received it. But our other friends wanted to make sure that this appeared more official, for fear that some people would not donate because it might look like a scam, since it was linked to my PayPal. When I spoke to the folks at PayPal initially, I asked if we could set up an independent page that was not linked to my account, and they said no. So I just did what I could at the time. But the Fundly.com campaign is more user-friendly and allows donors to see where we are as far as meeting our goal, etc.

Corporal Rizzo
12-18-13, 07:28 PM
Thanks for your support.

doc h fmf
12-19-13, 12:12 AM
Unfortunately I cant donate any money but my thoughts and prayers are with her and the family may god bless them and watch over them.

Stephen Doc Hansen

Corporal Rizzo
12-20-13, 05:30 PM
Thanks, Doc. If you could share the link to the fundly.com fundraiser, that would be sufficient. Again, thank you. I am very sorry to report that Allison died today.

Corporal Rizzo
12-20-13, 06:32 PM
Thanks for your support in the fundraising campaign. I am very sorry to report that Allison Fricke-McDaniel passed away today. Words cannot describe the sorrow I feel for our brother's loss and their children's loss of their mother.

We have raised over $2400 in just a couple of days, and we are continuing the campaign. We know that money will not ease Cpl. Dave McDaniel and his children's pain, but we are hoping it will help relieve some of the stress that will undoubtedly arrive along with the medical bills.

The support that has been shown by our fellow Leathernecks and their family members has been incredible, and in Dave's words to my older brother (also a Marine), "This is the true definition of brotherhood."

Thanks again for your help getting the word out. The link to the fundraiser remains the same: https://fundly.com/former-marine-s-w...ical-condition (https://fundly.com/former-marine-s-wife-in-critical-condition)

ALSO - Another friend of Allison's started a page on Facebook called "Operation Hope" (by Mendy Overly). Inspired by Allison and her family before her passing, Operation Hope is a drive to collect things like gas cards, food, blankets, and other things to provide to family members who are living in the hospital in order to stay by their loved ones during their hospitalizations. I don't have much more info than that, but if you search it on Facebook, it will come right up. Feel free to drop something off if you live around Jacksonville, Illinois, or be inspired to start something similar at the hospital closest to you!

Thanks everyone for taking the time to listen to the new guy on the site. I just signed up on here, and within a few days, this accident happened. It's great to see Marines banding together to look out for each other.


Rocky C
12-20-13, 06:34 PM
Dear Brandon.

Thank you for the heartfelt PM you sent me.
I am so sorry for your loss.

This thread will remain open so members can still donate to the family.

Prayers Outbound to our Brother, Family and Friends.

May God Bless the children and watch over them.

Thank you for all you tried to and will continue to do.

Semper Fi,

Corporal Rizzo
12-20-13, 06:35 PM
Thank you!