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10-24-13, 09:31 AM
I posted this for anyone who is interested, these young people are, IMO, showing the way for the others, and they have great Music and are patriots, and they need to be praised for it,,

Madison Rising
Our new album - American Hero - will be available November 5th.

1. The Star Spangled Banner
2. Ready If It Goes There
3. Open Road
4. Hallowed Ground II
5. Reflection (PTSD)
6. Something Wicked
7. Hero
8. Lock N' Load
9. Come To The Ready
10. America The Beautiful

Pre-sales will be available at the Madison Rising store beginning this Friday.

Madison Rising: Music With Meaning.

Tennessee Top
10-24-13, 01:11 PM
Have seen some of their music videos on youtube. Most of their music is good and I appreciate their patriotic slant (some if not all of them are vets I believe). A few things I don't care for like their rendition of the national anthem. When I hear the national anthem, I want it played/sung the old fashioned way. If done right, it brings tears to my eyes just like the Marines Hymn. Their national anthem does not do that for me as no rock band with electric guitars and amps never has. Just personal preference.

10-24-13, 01:40 PM
Their version of the anthem certainly does it for me. Whenever we have friends over and play music their anthem is in the mix. Everyone loves it, but we're all mostly biker trash so what the hell do we know.

P.S. I like the normal version also.

10-24-13, 01:43 PM
I like both versions as well,, and yes i am a biker as well..lol

Tennessee Top
10-24-13, 05:59 PM
Was a biker for years (all my years at CamPen). But, after working in a trauma center for the last 15 years, you'll never see me on a bike again. Apologize for hijacking the post (changing the subject).