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Doc Crow
12-11-03, 10:29 PM
Hey guys living here in Phoenix is so nice but I have a bit of a problem. There is this Wet Cold Stuff falling from the sky and running off my roof can anyone tell me what it might be. I remember something when I was in Hawaii and other place's called rain but not sure if that is what it is. Have not seen much of that here in the last 5 years so just trying to confirm that it is rain :D :banana: :devious:

12-11-03, 11:21 PM
Wet cold stuff?? hmmm... sorry Doc, can't help ya there... the only white stuff I've seen fall from the sky around here came out of a plane with the Coast Guard and DEA hot on its tail... wasn't cold, neither...

John A., from somewhere in Jacksonville, Florida

12-11-03, 11:49 PM
If it's white stuff, you've got a flock of seagulls flying overhead.

If it's any other color it's probably a trans-pacific airliner flushing out its black-water tanks before it lands.