View Full Version : Funniest usmc memory

Tom D
12-11-03, 09:48 PM
Let's hear about the funniest thing you recall while serving.

Doc Crow
12-11-03, 10:53 PM
I think it was when I was in Beaufort, SC. We had just gotten a New group of Doc's in who were not up to snuff with all the FMF Lingo. We had 2 of them after making all our contacts at the sections of the base we needed to use and we had 2 of them running all over the base trying to get 100 yards of flight line. They started at the clinic and went to our supply who sent them to base supply. They were then sent to Base ops who forwqrded them to VMFA333 and they kept being passed from squadron to squadron in a vain attempt to obtain what we had asked for. Each time we got a call where they had been and where they were in route to finally one of the CDO's let them off the hook and they returned to the clinic. The second pair we sent them to see the Command First Shirt asking for a box of Grid squares. He sent them on a goose chase all over the base as well. The last 2 we also sent to the first shirt (Dark Green Marine) now I know most of you remember the PRC77. We told these you troops that the corps had a new radio that medical was to use and that the First Shirt had it for us. They were told to go see him and ask for the Black Prick E-8. Now that was a blast. Needless the 1st Shirt was not informed of this ahead of schedule. They went to his office and asked for the new radio he asked them what new radio and my little E-2 said I have no idea 1st Sgt all I know is they said something at the clinic about a Black PRICK E-8. They said you could hear the Admin troops on the floor laughing and a block away. God those were the days. We used the Box of Grid Squares on many guys in my career till we got to Sgt Maj St. Pierre damn man cut up a map after so many new guys would be sent to him and gave a guy a box of yes Grid Squares.

We did get the best of the same Sgt Major but he was then the 1st Sgt of a Grunt Company when were were in Korea. This was my very first knowledge of this man (French Canadian) Loved his Corps though. Were were in Korea (Pohang) and he had Kilo Company. By the Company CP he had the troops but up a Great Big Red "K". On a night op some of us made a BIG Blue Sign that said MART and tapped it in the groud beside the "K". When everyone woke up the next morning KMART was visible from just about any where in the camp. Boy did he get ticked and knew who did it. He came to the BAS and was ready to kill me but I seen him coming and departed the area. I ran into him again after many years in Hawaii he was the MEB Sgt Maj. He knew I was coming in and told the Chief that he wanted to see this Crow Fella as soon as he reported because he had some issue's to resolve. Chief told me the Sgt Maj wanted to see me the minute I got there. So I asked about what he said I have no idea all he said was get over to the MEB CP. I did and when I knocked I about fell on the floor laughing in tears. Sgt Maj slapped me on the back and we had a great laugh I told him he better call Chief before Chief had a stroke thinking one of his Newly Reported HM's was in deep ****. Needless Chief had a big sigh of relief.