View Full Version : Trying to reenlist any advice?

05-24-13, 03:08 PM
Hi, my boyfriend wants to reenlist after being out since Oct 2011. He got out to make others happy, but now he is not happy himself. His reenlistment code is 1a, which I know makes it able for him to reenlist. His mos was 1833, but I think he realizes he might have to change in order to get in. He got out as a Cpl and picked up Sgt two months after he got out. He has a clean record while he was in and is still in shape to join. I talked to a PSR but all he told me was that there is no way to ever get him back in and the only option is reserves. I have been doing research and have seen many people put in reenlistment packages to see if they get denied or accepted, but he did not even give that option. Can any one give us any advice on how to go about getting back into Active Duty Marine Corps!

05-24-13, 08:56 PM
I currently have a package in myself through a PSR. Currently I am being looked at for the Active Reserves. (same benefits as Active Duty) but you will be stationed with a reserve unit. There are currently MOS available for LAT move since not all MOS are accepted. This process can take awhile and he will need to do most of the work. 90% of the forms can be found on Marines.mil under the manpower section. There will be a link for Active Reserves.

On the other hand. As of right now there are still a select few MOS that need a ton of boat spaces filled. Mainly in the intel fields but he will need to meet all the quals to even be considered. I have bounced back and forth between both and if my AR packaged is bounced along any more I plan to pull that package and request a Active Duty. Either way if you got a package in here soon he may not even get to re enlist until FY 14. Usually Prior Service is unable to re enlist in the new FY until January. Have him look into finding a different PSR. I did all of my paper work over the phone and email. If he wants it bad enough he has to make it happen.

05-24-13, 10:23 PM
Thank you for your info. I kinda thought it might be that one PSR but was not sure. He does not wanna do reserve of any kind just active duty. It is good to know that we should still have the optionof putting in a package to see if he can get in or not. He might now mind waiting until the fy 14 but we will see what happens. We have a muster to attend in two weeks and we will take it from there. I know he had a clean record with a top secrety clearance and good scores in everything so hopefully that can all help.

06-04-13, 04:20 PM
I believe he needs to find a regular recruiter that is willing to help. I am trying to start the process to reenlist into active duty as an EOD tech (a lot of spaces needed to be filled into that field by Oct 1st). I found the recruiter, just need the paper work all finished.

It's called a PSEP (Prior Service Enlistment Package). SMCR and prior service wishing to go into active duty need to go this route. There are going to be a lot of recruiters who aren't willing to help. They DO get credit for it, don't let them tell you otherwise.