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02-09-13, 01:29 AM
Just got off the Island about 14 hours ago.
Finally glad to call myself a Marine
3rd battalion Mike company, platoon 3010
murder mike!

Was wondering if I could change this status to Marine instead of poolee? Anyone help me out?

02-09-13, 04:26 AM
SemperFidelis Marine, welcome to the club and congratulations on the title.

PM RockyC and ask for the paperwork to be changed/upgraded

Rocky C
02-09-13, 09:22 AM
Congrats Marine.
I didn't receive a PM from you but I saw your thread.
I will change your status to " Marine " right now.
Please update your profile to reflect the changes ASAP.

Thank you and Welcome to the " Marine Corps Family ".

Semper Fi,

Andrew Walle
02-17-13, 10:41 PM

02-18-13, 01:25 AM
Congratulations! How was your overall experience?

02-18-13, 08:49 AM
Congrats Jarhead ! S/F

02-20-13, 12:45 AM
Murder Mike! Who were your Drill Instructors? I Graduated with 3050 back in July 2012

02-21-13, 05:32 PM
Congrats Marine !!! I remember steping off the Island 21 Sep 1962 like it was yesterday! Welcome to the best the USA has to offer. Semper Fi!!