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01-19-13, 05:02 AM
Good afternoon all,

My name is Shawn Collins. I have spent the last 6 years in the US Army as a 56M Chaplains Assistant. Recently I have seriously been pineing to go to sniper school, as I shoot extremly well and work well in small groups or on my own. Unfortunatly in the Army unless you are with an Infantry unit or Infantry (or something close) they frown on sending you to that particular school. A buddy of mine gave me the idea to just switch over to Infantry, which got me thinking a little deeper: Why go Infantry when I could be a cold blooded monster? Why go Infantry when I could do what I was going to do before I even joined the Army but couldn't because I only had a GED? Why go Infantry when I could be a ****en Marine? Marines have always held a special place in my warriors soul, as the one man I respect the most in my life is a former Marine himself, my father. This isn't something I am thinking up just because I sitting here in Afghanistan bored out of my mind, no I have been sunconsciously thinking on this for a long time, and as my ETS is coming up, I think it might be time to make that decision.

So after saying all that, I wanted to ask you all what should I expect as an Army guy with a deployment under me, going into Marine Boot Camp? What should I expect in the process in doing this change over? I assume there will be bumps in the road because thats just how life is, but what are some things I can expect?

Thank you for reading and your time, have a great day.

01-19-13, 05:52 AM
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Old Marine
01-19-13, 10:06 AM
Why not ask your father.:evilgrin:

Zulu 36
01-19-13, 10:12 AM
Shawn, according to information we've been receiving here, chances are low that the Corps will accept you as a prior service enlistee. First, the Corps isn't taking very many Marine prior service people back. With downsizing, the Corps' needs are falling.

Second, getting an infantry slot in the Corps is very difficult. Tons of fresh new HS grads want to be Marine grunts and many can't get the slots. One advantage is the Corps does not have chaplain's assistants (the Navy provides those).

Assuming you do get in and get infantry, assignment to a sniper school is a crap shoot. You might get assigned to a sniper platoon after some time in, but even that doesn't guarantee a slot at one of the schools.

Third, if you do join the Corps you will start as an E-2 and from ground zero. In boot camp you'll get some harassment from the DIs about being a former soldier, but not too much. Since you're an Afghan vet there will probably be a tiny amount of respect that will temper the harassment. But otherwise you would be treated as any other recruit.

You'll need to discuss matters with a Marine recruiter when you get back to the World. But with the economy the way it is, you might want to consider staying in the Army if they'll keep you.

01-19-13, 12:27 PM
Mainly because I want to do this without his knowing. On the day that I become a Marine then I will tell him. My little gift to him for giving me a stabler foundation then most.

Zulu 36: This has something I have been hearing a lot (the not even being able to get in part) about lately. Apparently this is going for all services actually. I really don't know the Marines full story yet, but I'll be sure to contact a local recruiter as soon as I touch grass again. I fully expect to get harassment in Boot for my prior service in the Army, a weak mind might be swayed but not this one. I doubt though they will treat me any different with my deployment under me though, as I doubt it will ever come up. Never know though, life has its way. You are absolutely right about the whole Sniper thing. I believe that I have what it takes to excel above my peers and get noticed enough to take the steps I want too. I might not get Scout Sniper, I might not even get a chance at Recon or Infantry, but I know I have the skill and motivation to put myself in either better or similar positions.

01-19-13, 04:58 PM
There was an Army retread in my platoon. Zulu 36 is right about the harassment. That guy took a lot of s**t.

01-20-13, 02:08 PM
Why wouldn't u just go army infantry, I assure you they are quality and it would be way easier for you to get in it the you could go sniper from there. Also army infantry would probably get you into afghan ad marines are about done with that. Also you could go sf or ranger you have so many great oopportunities available to u without having to start from ssquare one in tthe marines