View Full Version : What about RP's?

12-05-03, 02:38 PM
Ya know what? RP's go thru FMSS same as Doc's. I have served with a lot of good Doc's. But what about combat hard RP's. Talk about a job. Cover the Chaplain's life with yours. Want to know how I know of some good RP's? I crossed over to the Navy 2 years ago from the Marine Corps Infantry to be one. Just had to earn my money in Iraq covering my Chaplain, literally, with RCT 1 and returning fire in ambushes on my battalion. Let's not forget RP's.

Semper Fi

Doc Crow
12-31-03, 01:23 PM
Yea RP's do a great Job and yes they are the Chaplains Body Guard plus help with services at the same time. We had grat RP's and they Were made part of the BAS for Billiting etc. These guys do a thankless job every day. Most Marines say thanks Doc but you hardly hear Thanks RP