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01-01-13, 10:04 AM
On January first of every year since 1804 a Marine Corps
Tradition of the Marine Corps Band Serenading the
Commandant at his quarters in exchange for breakfast.
The band plays four songs. I have searched the net and
can not find a video of this. But I do have a video I did
about the Marine Band, it is more music then video, with
President Reagan leading it off.


01-02-13, 05:12 AM
:usmc: Thanks 4 Posting this B-59 what a Helluva way too start off 2013 The Marine Corps. Hymn to this Day still gives Me the Goosebumps and makes Me walk tall. 2 be Honest with yah did not realize that they were incepted by Thomas Jefferson! Never 2 Old to learn something New.Semper Fidelis :iwo: