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12-20-12, 11:56 AM
In the wake of the school shooting, not much media has been forthcoming in the sniper shooting at a Marine Recruiter Wednesday, December 19, 2012, in San Jose, California.

Most articles that have been posted indicate that a Sniper shot at a Marine Recruiter's car. While bullets struck the car, it is more accurate that the sniper was aiming at the recruiter and missed. Thankfully!


"Cupertino: Marine recruiter shot at while driving on Highway 85"


Fortunately for the Marine...the shooter missed!

They indicate that, "The shooting was not related to a nearby police search that prompted the lockdown of Good Samaritan Preschool on Homestead Road earlier Wednesday. Sunnyvale police said three suspects connected to a potential home burglary fled from a traffic stop."

12-20-12, 01:27 PM
I never mention this on a thread, but I will now.

As this question of Good and Evil will come up again and again now that we know,
or suspect that the shooter was a Satanist.

To look into this and other things,
take a look at the 2 websites referenced in my profile.

Good thing i'm Persistent ,

eyeballed your profile 3 times, and was about to exit ,
when i peeped them...

Next time, surround them with brackets, quotes, boxes, yellow ribbons, or
flashing lights would you please ???

<dl><dt>Interests:</dt><dd>Many--one of which is to continue to examine the massive evidence at two sister sites by a former atheist, (((www.allaboutGod.com )))
and (((www. gotquestions.org)))

There yah go Dave..
they better not trip over that...


01-17-13, 12:23 PM
Wouldn't call this guy a "Sniper", more like a shooter. A "Sniper" wouldn't have missed.