View Full Version : Happy Birthday McT ontheRock71

11-08-12, 07:09 PM
WOW Happy Birthday sorry it was so late to post it on you..

11-08-12, 08:15 PM
Happy Birthday Marine,Semper Fidelis.

HM3 Doc Wilder
11-09-12, 12:19 AM
Happy Birthday again Mctonthe Rock71,I wished you the Very Best on Morning Zephyr,but since this is your Birthday site.Have a Happy Birthday,and may your Fun continue.Semper Fi me Brother.

Rocky C
11-09-12, 06:15 AM
Happy Birthday Ken.
I left you a message on " Morning Zephyr " thread yesterday but another doesn't hurt.

Hope it was a Great One Brother.

Semper Fi,

McT ontheRock71
11-09-12, 10:16 AM
Thanks Brothers,
I never thought I'd reach retirement age, I still haven't. Thanks for the great sentiments.