View Full Version : To the memory of fallen comrades

12-01-03, 09:47 PM
I just want to tell you these are true. I was witness to the event or the official report.

Sgt. Arron Pack We called him "PACMAN" died in the Gulf. He was doing his job monitoring the radar when a missle struck the radar shelter he was in.

Lcpl Alecio Felix We were in the same Platoon in Boot. Died in the Gulf when his battery was struck by laser guided bombs from Marine Harriers.

Lcpl Orroyo Died in Somallia in a patrol gone wrong. LT's should NOT NOT lead patrols!

Pfc Rothers never knew him but heard his story often. He was new to his unit and died in 29 Palms CA. He was left behind after doing roadguard and his body was found weeks later.

To all who have fallen while serving their Corps and Country.

Semper Fidelis

Lonnie Rush