View Full Version : Permission to come aboard requested.

11-28-03, 07:16 PM
Hey all,

Requesting permission to come aboard.

Bio: Airwing Marine '84 - '91
F-4 F/A-18 Powerplants and Flightline

Hobbies: Motorcycle racing (Road, flattrack, MX), bicycle racing, triathlon, brewing beer, name it!

11-28-03, 07:21 PM
Welcome Aboard to the Best Marine Site on the net. Also welcome to your home away from home................
We have a great crew of Marines in here from WW II to the present............
Throw your sea bag in a corner, pull up a footlocker, sit and chat awhile.........Get a chance stop over at the Slope Chute, Gary and I will buy you a few drinks........But watch out for Chesty.......likes his beer, only dog I found could open a beer can........LOL




11-28-03, 07:46 PM
Hey Marine!

I think I know you from Military.com, from a while back.

Dropping seabag, headed to the slop chute.........

11-28-03, 08:05 PM
Welcome abaord

11-28-03, 08:08 PM
Glad to have you. Welcome to our site and your new home.



11-28-03, 08:10 PM
Thanks Marines. Got a cold one, ready to check in!

Doc Crow
11-28-03, 09:35 PM
Hey does he not have to buy everyone the first round:D

11-28-03, 09:47 PM
Allrighty then! A round for all, especially Doc!

Hey man, I see you were in Beaufort. I was there from '85 - '91. Ate a LOT of motrin from sick bay!

11-29-03, 02:49 AM
RICH!! Fancy seeing you here! Don't I know you from someplace?? LOL! :D
Too Cool! Too cool..:bunny:

11-29-03, 03:07 AM
Catz! Well, for hell!

I suppose you DO know me from 'some place'!

Small arse world, eh?

So, how do you guys like it back stateside? I mean, Darwin is pretty close, but not quite.

11-29-03, 03:14 AM
LOL!! Yeah.. Miss Australia...Oceanside just doesn't compare..We're adjusting though..the main thing was the amount of people and traffic here! UNREAL!! :eek:
I was SO ready to get on the next plane back! Can't complain too much though...there are worse places..:)
BTW what are you doing up so late?? can't sleep?

11-29-03, 03:23 AM
I could see living there, easily. I guess it is late, your right. We have a new house, there is no race in the AM, so I'm drinking beer and hanging on the computer. Good excuse to rouse the girls at 0 dark, and go to to the coffee shop! How about you? I know yo stay up late, but it IS 0:21!

11-29-03, 03:31 AM
A new house..how neat! :) that has to be exciting! I think if you were to rouse me at O dark thirty I'd have to kill ya! LOL !:D be nice to the girls and let them sleep..:D
I am up past my bedtime..I was just looking at the clock thinking I needed to hit the rack..I'll be headed that way in a few.

11-29-03, 03:40 AM
Yeah, me too. Time to sleep soon. And they would probably get me, in time! Seeing as how we don't watch much TV, I suppose they may consider me as 'entertainment'. I don't quite drink enough beer to not stir when I hear footstep! No suprise there, I suppose.

So, Oceanside. Man, last time I saw that place, well, I shouldn't say anything bad, I may be seeing ya'll before too long! A couple of Jarhead pals want to head that way (including Tracy, 'DumbGrunt' and his wife), so I'll be civil.

Good night, see ya in the AM. Oh wait it IS AM!

11-29-03, 03:43 AM
ooh hey if ya'll do head out this way let me know!

have a good night..it's rack time for me! :)

11-29-03, 03:47 AM
Goodnight, Cathrine! Looking forward to meeting you guys before too long!

Rack time is right, holy crap! Way too late for me!

11-29-03, 04:14 PM

11-29-03, 04:24 PM
Hey, thanks man!