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08-29-02, 05:24 AM
I didn't write this, I'm sharing it.

Saturday night I got to witness something wonderful (and, I hope you did too). I got to see a 12 year old young man, with more poise, guts, and determination then most adults, stare down the world.

Aaron Alvey is the Pitcher for the Louisville, KY team that won the Little League World Series. Not only did he hit the very first pitch of the game out of the park, which turned out to be the game winning run (US 1 vs Japan 0), he went on to post two pitching records and to tie another.

I watched his face as he mounted the mound in the last inning. You could tell that he was not going to be intimidated by the Japanese hitters, the roar of the crowd, nor millions watching on TV. He had a job to do and no one was going to stop him. This was his place and his time. And, then the startled look on his face at the end; he, for a moment, did not realize he had done it. And, then came all the emotions poured out.

When you see young people like him, and I believe there are many, many more like him, you think maybe, just maybe, the US is not in such bad hands, now and in the future. God Bless Aaron and the USA.