View Full Version : Police Dash-Cam Video: Drunks are Dangerous.

09-20-12, 05:08 AM
I got some new video footage recently from a LEO friend of mine. I figured before I put it on my blog I'd post it up here for you folks to look at first.

Be safe out there:


09-21-12, 05:13 AM

didn't see a "TimeStamp" on that....

Looks like two police cars, one each direction,,,,

camera on dash of UNIT - , "Stopped in HIGHSPEED lane "? Of a Divided Roadway- behind -
what appears to be a possible "Civilian" in distress...

ROOKIE move on the part of the Unit on other side of the divider/media strip also in highspeed lane of active roadway ?????

The Major types of folks you find on the road after "normal" bedtime.

#1 trouble
#2 Folks having trouble
#3 Drunks

Did I miss any ?

09-21-12, 08:09 AM
from an article about it