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11-25-03, 09:18 AM
Fort Lee Marines run for Chesty Puller <br />
Submitted by: Headquarters Marine Corps <br />
Story Identification Number: 2003112572341 <br />
Story by Army Sgt. Jorge Gomez <br />
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FORT LEE, Va. (Nov. 20, 2003) --...

11-25-03, 09:45 AM
I can't say for a fact, because I haven't been there, but I've been told that only the Marine Corps teaches its history, its traditions, and its heros to all those who who plant their feet on the yellow footprints, and follow the yellow brick road.

But I DO know, for a fact, that I've asked countless army, navy, and air farce fellows about their history, their traditions, their heros, and I've been met with a "Huh?" followed by stunned silence.

I never served with Chesty, he was before my time. But I saw grown men cry when he was introduced at a football game.

I don't think I was ever prouder to be a Marine, than at that moment.

Or perhaps, I learned for the first time, what it meant to be a Marine.

Semper Fi