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11-18-03, 08:39 PM
My question is: How long will the Marines have somebody stay in MRP? Will the DI in the new Platoon not push guys fresh from MRP as hard as he would normally? My son has severe shin splints. It's been 2 weeks that he is in MRP. Some guys have been there for over 8 month. One should start gradually training again when recovering from shin splints. How is that possible when your DI does not let you, also he should stretch before training, will the DI let him?
Does anyone know? Thanks for your help.
Proud MOM of a future fine Marine!

P.S: I am new at all this!

11-19-03, 01:40 AM
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MRP is a separate entity from Recruit Training. Although while there, &quot;book learning&quot; is provided. <br />
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Length of time in...

11-19-03, 09:14 AM
Thanks for your reply.
Appreciate your answer. I hope he gets out soon and starts training again.

11-19-03, 10:14 AM

My son is an instructor at the MRP unit at SOI-West, Camp Pendleton. And, as firstsgtmike said, they work with the Marines for as long as it takes -same as in boot. He has had guys in the unit for 2-3 weeks and some who are in their second month.

He has told me that the Marines in MRP are extremely motivated and eager to get back to a regular training unit - and that sometimes it is hard to keep them from doing more than they are able.

For those in boot camp, the PCP (Physical Conditioning Platoon) and the Medical Recovery Platoon are pretty much the same, the Instructors work with the recruits to help them overcome injury or lack of ability. And they motivate the recruits to an extent that is hard to believe. Your son will be fine - and this expreience will make the walk across the Parade Deck all the sweeter.

11-19-03, 11:06 AM
I spent 3 months in MRP. and to be honest with you it was very mentally and physicly challanging to me. After a week I wanted to go home so bad. Our Sr. D.I. took me and some of the other recruts to a ceramony to see all the recruts become Marines. They had just got back from there crusable, and to see the pride and sence of being was so uplifting to me I could have stayed in MRP for a year just to see what it felt like to receve the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. It brought my moral up to full. It was tuff but the Marines helped me through it. your son is in goood hands. On my words as a Marine!

11-19-03, 01:26 PM

"On my words as a Marine!"

Oath taking, ".......so help me God" has become a trite cliche. It is a formality which, long ago, lost its meaning and thus its impact.

"On my words as a Marine!"

We Marines reek of pride, honor, a sense of obligation to uphold our traditions. In situations where anyone else (in their right minds) would quit, we hear a voice; "SADDLE UP, ON YOUR FEET, MOVE OUT!" And we draw strength from those who have gone before us, and we go on.

"On my words as a Marine!" says it all.

"I would shame my heritage, I would dishonor all those who have earned the title before me, if I speak not the truth."

"It is not only my honor that is on the line, it is my Corps."

"On my words as a Marine!"

Thank you, G.L.B.

11-19-03, 04:44 PM
Awesome is right firstsgtmike. "On my words as a Marine" G.B.L.
you may one day see that phrase on a Recruiting Poster, and we
will know who coined it. SEMPER-FI, G.B.L.

11-19-03, 05:55 PM
Only a medical doctor can return a recruit to training following and injury or illness. Even though the recruit will spend additional time at Recruit Training than first planned, every opportunity is afforded to the recruit to rehabilitate and return to training. A lot of time and effort went into getting each individual down to MCRD. If it is physically possible to return a recruit to training, it happens. Obviously, for liability reasons, no one is returned to training if the doctor cannot give them a clean bill of health. Our first concern as leaders and Marines is accomplishing the mission. Second is taking care of our Marines.


11-19-03, 07:55 PM
I have only one question on MRP, PCP, and other 'rehab' type units at Recruit Training...if you are 'admitted' to one, does it follow in your service jacket? For example. say if a recruit wanted to go Recon or such, but got injured or for some reason had to go to PCP, when he went out for the indoc would the Corps say 'No way?'

-Poolee Sullivan

11-21-03, 06:49 AM

THere are no entries in your SRB (Service Record Book) that will indicate PCP or MRP. The only place this info exists is in your training jacket at MCRD. This record is only maintained while in training. All info is destroyed when you graduate. The training jacket contains info like counselings, sick calls, PT info, height/weight and some basic personal info. Your SRB is not even made up until admin week following Warrior Training. That is the record that you will carry from duty station to duty station.

If you want to go Recon, then get to be a PT stud now. Much easier to get a shot at it when you are younger!