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11-17-03, 05:17 PM
This is a poem I wrote in my photo class when I had nothing to do. Yes, Seeley writes poetry in his freetime.

"The Warrior's Plight"

They were born to live and love free
---But that's not the life He had planned for me

To fight, to bleed, to kill, to die
---For love is not to be felt but seen in each eye

Watching others hold lover's hands, smile at eachother to sigh
---When I know that I fight for them so they might live but I should die

For their freedoms I do burn, my life it shines so bright
---My life, like a match, a flash, then darkness, back to the dead of night

They'll live long and happy, to drift off peacefully in their sleep
---They will be missed by their lovers, for them they so shall weep

Weep for the warriors though, who fought for them they shall not
---To die of wounds on foreign soil, left to decay and rot

No, don't you worry, shed no tears for me
---For on our own account, serving proud are we

They take their freedoms lightly, never thinking twice
---Of those men who had to pay, for them the greatest price

So next time thank these warriors, yes that is my simple plea
---Now at least I hope you know, freedom isn't free

- Shawn Seeley

11-17-03, 05:53 PM
Outstanding Seeley - simply outstanding!

11-29-03, 05:21 PM
Outstanding Seeley, Outstanding... I may post some of mine up... but not now.

You are not alone.