View Full Version : Seperations Bn Stories

05-18-12, 03:23 PM
Anyone remember seps bn? Remember hanging out waiting to get your orders to go home?

I spent 2 weeks on Pendleton in '96 somewhere near the 51 area I think. I remember the bus ride into the base from the airport was so surreal, we drove through the MCT and SOI areas, and it was like a flashback to 4 years before.

We'd go on working parties during the day, then head to the package store for a raging bonfire every night! I remember ripping boards off the nearby old barracks for firewood.

When my day came to leave we got on the bus and headed for the gate. As we approached the gate everyone was hanging out the windows hootin & hollerin'...I remember the MPs saluted us as we passed by on our way to freedom...

Good times, good memories...