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04-05-12, 09:33 AM
God gave all of us a Brain Housing Group.
Some put it to better use than others.

A few were fortunate to become Marines.
Some of those were taught how to use this greatest of all weapons.

With all the above said
Why is it in all my years I do not recall disagreement
With any President like there is with the current one ?

Going back a very short time, a President said "Let's Roll "
And the entire country united behind him ----

04-05-12, 01:54 PM
But when he said that he also went on to lie about everything else and get thousands killed and wounded. And I don't remember anytime I have seen as much disrespect of any President as I have with the current elected one or when Clinton was in office. The gop started this nastyness yet they didn't want anyone questioning dubya about his desertion or cheney about "having other priorities" when it came time to serve in VietNam and the going on to insult others who did. And not just when they started the swiftee boatees against Kerry who did serve but the slime they put out about McCain and his "mental" condition and his ability to be President and the fact that he and his wife adopted a Pakistani girl from an orp[hanige and then they said it was a child he had with a black woman.
No what we should question is why the gop is making this all ugly and nasty instead of the way it used to be when Dems and repubs worked for the good of the country and not for whoever had the most money.