View Full Version : Marines unveil improved mine-clearing technology

08-27-02, 10:22 AM
The Marine Corps base at Kane'ohe Bay recently demonstrated a new obstacle-clearing system that is lighter and safer than bangalore torpedo charges.

The Antipersonnel Obstacle Breaching System, or APOBS, is a portable, two-man system used to breach lanes through antipersonnel mines and wire obstacles.

The system works by firing a rocket with a 150-foot line that trails after it with attached charges.

Seconds later, the line's charges detonate, clearing a 2-foot-wide path along its length.

According to the Marine Corps, the new system is a significant improvement over bangalore torpedoes.

Weighing 130 pounds, APOBS can be employed in two minutes. One APOBS creates a breach lane equivalent to three bangalore torpedo demolition kits weighing 594 pounds and taking a squad of Marines more than 15 minutes to deploy.

The new system also allows a safer standoff distance from the charges.

Marine Corps base personnel held briefings for the community and had representatives on hand for an Aug. 15 demonstration.