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jerry wozny
11-11-03, 01:47 PM
Just want to say thanks to all of the vets for what we as Americans have today... Our Freedom.

Thanks again and
Nam vet
May 67 to Jan 69

11-11-03, 02:15 PM
Thank You

Life without that of one who serves their country proud, freely, and valantly would be a life void of love, dreams, freedom, a life void of the many treasures so many of us call life. Children, mates, cars, boats, planes, photos, books, stories, smiles, all a part of life. To those of you wear the uniform of your country with pride today, and for those of you who wore the uniform in days past, these few words go out to you, and hope they bring life in its fullness unto you and yours. You gave of yourself, to protect and keep that life which you had learned and begun to love. You gave of your family, you gave of your life, some came home, some never did, some live in our memories, some in our tears, taken in life both young and old, no score card to determine who went and who returned. So accept these simple words of thanks.

Thank You...



11-11-03, 04:17 PM
Semper Fi Brothers, Hope your day is going well. In memory of all our brothers past and present, fallen and those who are fortunate enough to be here with us! Thanks vets!