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02-07-12, 08:26 PM
Most of you don't know me, but I joined back in February of last year and I had a few questions about my contract back then regarding a change from Reserves to AD. Well, I made the decision to continue down the Reserve road and ended up going to Boot Camp with my buddy. About 2-3 weeks in, he got dropped with pneumonia. So, I know it's been a while since then, but I graduated recruit training on 20110909 w/ 1st Bn B Co Plt 1067 under Senior Drill Instructor SSgt. Canevari. I then went to SOI-East ITB, C Co, 1st Plt on 20110927 and graduated from there on 20111203. I've just completed my first drill in January with my unit in Jackson, MS (C Co AT Bn 4th MarDiv). It went really well and I really like everyone in my unit so far and everyone is very squared away. My second drill is going to be at the end of this week, and I'm excited. Anyways, I hope all of you have a great week!

Lisa 23
02-07-12, 09:06 PM
Congrats on becoming a Marine :usmc: .....and welcome to the Marine Corps family!
PM Sgt Leprechaun and ask him to change your status to Marine for you.

Semper Fi Marine! :iwo: