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Doc Crow
11-10-03, 12:52 AM
As I read the threads I am Reminded that this is the First Veterans Day without my Dad. He passed away this past June at 80 and only a couple of weeks before his 81st. He was a Veteran of the Normandy Invasion and the Battle of the Bulge how the hell he ever came through those I will never know. He was part of the Greatest Generation the men and women who in my opinion really made this country what it is today. Veterans have always set the standard for society. It is to bad society has not always put them where they should be. Dad always told me that nobody Loves the Military till the Wolf is at the Door and did not believe him till many years later. Let us Remember those who gave and the one's who gave it all. At 11 AM on November 11th give Thanks in what ever manner you choose but Give Thanks. When we see an old Vet Shake his hand and Say Thank You. Go to the VA Hospital if only to say Hello and thanks many Vets no longer have anyone who even visits them. I know this may sound strange but Go to the Local Cemetary and say Thanks to those who have Flags over them, Go to the VFW or Legion and say Thank You for they are the one's who really enabled us to be here today enjoying the many freedoms this Great Land Offers us each and everyday.