View Full Version : U.S. Marine Corps Battle Color Ceremony

Old Marine
01-29-12, 09:11 PM
The U.S. Marine Corps Battle Color Ceremony and Silent Drill Team will perform at MCRD, San Diego on 10 March 2012.

Don't know what time the performance begins, but I would guess you can contact the base ISO (Information Service Office). It's probably not called that anymore, but the base operator should be able to get you to the right office.

Make sure that if you go, arrive early as seating is limited.

This is on of the highlights of the year.

01-30-12, 01:18 AM
i have seen both the Marine Band and Silent Drill Team awesome does not even come close to describing watching and listening to them perform.Semper Fi

01-30-12, 01:47 AM
Watching the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team, and listening to the Marine Corps Band (there is more than one band) in person is an awesome experience. My Father-in-law was a trumpet player in the band when he was in back in the 60s.

01-30-12, 03:16 AM
They're incredible... jaws wide open watching them.