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08-26-02, 12:41 PM
No compilation of legends would be complete without mention of Lucy
Brewer. A farm girl from Massachusetts, Lucy Brewer was the legendary first
woman Marine. The War of 1812 was raging when Lucy arrived at Boston.
Friendless in the strange city, she met a woman who seemed eager to take a
stranger into her home. Lucy was surprised that one woman could have so many
daughters, but she soon discovered that home was just a house.

Unsuited to a life of sin, Lucy fled her benefactress, donned men's
clothing, and found refuge in the Marine Corps. No one discovered she was a
woman, and as a member of the "Constitution's" Marine guard, she saw action in
some of the bloodiest sea fights of the war.

Her exploits came to light when she published an autobiographical account
of her experiences. She described her heroism in the major battles of the
"Constitution" with such details as manning the fighting tops as a marksman,
taking toll of the British with musket fire. True or not, the story of Lucy
Brewer makes a wonderful addition to the colorful legends about the Marine